This is a test site where i have installed fbconnect module I am facing issues while Inviting Friends:

What i am doing: 1. Connect to site through Fbconnect (by clicking on Login with Fb button) 2. Click on Invite Friends link which goes to fbconnect/invite/friends 3. Select Friends i want to invite. 4. Click "Send FB APP NAME Invitation"

Now, the Invited person gets a notification

Naushad Shaikh
Invited you to FB APP NAME. Try Now

URL Points to : http://www.facebook.com/games#

However nothing happens and the invitation does not succeed as it should.

Please let me know what should i do / what am i doing wrong.

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This issue has been resolved.

After a lot of research, i came to know that the Facebook Application for FbConnect did not have a Canvas URL and Secure Canvas URL

So i did below:

  1. Added Canvas URL to the Application as domain.com
  2. Added Secure Canvas URL as Fb's changed policy required so added https://www.domain.com
  3. Now, i could click the Application and it opened In Fb IFRAME,
  4. I wanted it to redirect on the website, (NOT ALLOWED AS PER FB TERMS & COS)
  5. Solution an Image Pointing to External link (www.domain.com)

Thanks for the viewers of this question. I got a Tumbleweed badge for this question.

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