In Drupal 8, using the Views module, I have values of Content type "X" grouped by a 'category' field. Everything worked fine until I was forced to apply two groups to one of the values. In my example, value one has multiple values in the category field - 'category A' and 'category B'.

I was hoping to get:

Category A = value 1, value 2
Category B = value 1, value 3

Instead, I get:

Category A, Category B = Value 1, Value 1
Category A = value 2
Category B = value 3

  • Doesn't simply grouping only through Category give you what you want? Did you group by Value first? Maybe you need to group by Category first, and then by value second. Also content views are showing nodes, but are you listing field values here? You need to explain your configuration and grouping better. – prkos Feb 20 at 16:15

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