I have a content view with an exposed filter based on a vocabulary.

In the URL (for example, mysite/myview?tid=taxonomy+term+(3)), and incidentally in my page title (I use argument.tid to display a title based on the term typed in the exposed filter), there are the name of the term (perfect) but also the term ID.

I only need mysite/myview?tid=taxonomy+term or, better, mysite/taxonomy-term.

How can I achieve this?

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Perhaps you can do this using htaccess rules.

You can probably apply the patch from this issue and than according to the reports you will be able to create a path alias from within drupal that accept url parameters (as in your case)

But you can also try views_url_path_arguments which seems to be usable in Drupal 8 judging from the amount of downloads.

Perhaps you can also give this sandbox module Query Parameters To Url a try

Note: I have not tested the above 2 modules


You can use Better Exposed Filters Module, it's useful module, in drupal 8 still alpha version but.

Drupal 8:
The Drupal 8 branch is in active development. If you have immediate need of a specific feature in BEF, please contact a maintainer to discuss sponsorship. BEF will work best if you are at least using Drupal 8.3 and you should be using newer.

✓ Recommended by the project’s maintainer.

  • thanks berramou, I do not find how to modify the url with BEF, do you know how to do?
    – Hgfdsoiu
    Feb 20, 2019 at 15:50

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