So I'm running a hook to update the title with values from the node whenever the node saves. I want to update part of it with a taxonomy term but when I try to get the term from the entity it says it doesn't exist. The field name for the taxonomy term is field_sport but $entity->get('field_sport')->value comes up as doesn't exist. If I do $entity->get('field_first_name')->value it works fine.

    function module_functions_node_presave(Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $entity) {
  \Drupal::logger('module_functions')->info('field sport ---> ' . $entity->get('field_sport')->value);

  if ($entity->getType() == 'athlete_profile') {
      $entity->setTitle($entity->get('field_first_name')->value. " " . $entity->get('field_maiden_name')->value. " " . $entity->get('field_last_name')->value. " - " . $entity->get('field_sport')->value);


The first name and last name are just text inputs. Is there something different you need to do to get the taxonomy term?

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