I am trying to create an Installation profile in D8. I want to add module dependencies to composer file of the profile. (This profile is added to the site through composer)

I tried running the command

composer require drupal/token

but I got the error

Could not find a version of package drupal/token matching your minimum-stability (stable). Require it with an explicit version constraint allowin g its desired stability.

Is it possible to add dependencies to the profile composer.json or can it be done only through core composer.json?

Is the profile composer.json the right place to add the dependencies?

  • Then simply follow the suggested fix: In your project's composer.json set or lower the minimum stability to beta, alpha or dev. Or run comoser require drupal/token:desired-version (for example token:1.4-beta). – leymannx Feb 27 at 20:15

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