By debug, these are the suggested names:

   * panels-pane--fieldable-panels-pane-top-hero-content.tpl.php
   x panels-pane--fieldable-panels-pane--uuid-00524104-9c1e-4ee7-a896-270b5d30d935.tpl.php
   * panels-pane--fieldable-panels-pane.tpl.php
   * panels-pane.tpl.php

However, I can't get panels-pane--fieldable-panels-pane-top-hero-content.tpl.php to load. I copied the file to the next name panels-pane--fieldable-panels-pane--uuid-00524104-9c1e-4ee7-a896-270b5d30d935.tpl.php and it DOES work.

What can be wrong? Both files are in the same directory.

  • Not sure why debug would be wrong but maybe try two dashes after fieldable-panels-pane - so panels-pane--fieldable-panels-pane--top-hero-content.tpl.php. – othermachines Feb 28 at 15:10
  • @othermachines I hardcoded the name (i.e. not using $variables['pane]->panel) to generate the name, and now it works. Strange – JorgeeFG Feb 28 at 15:15
  • In theme suggestions if the string variable you're using contains dashes, it might not work, so you need to replace the dashes with underscores using str_replace() for example – Ismail Cherri Feb 28 at 21:46

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