I imported some translations using the locale update module but the translations are horrible and it would be better to revert to English.

How do I bulk delete all the imported translations in Drupal 8?

I found an issue on adding back the D7 translation string deletion option to the UI, but I want to mass delete all strings, not individual strings.

Drupal 7 version of this question

EDIT: Deleting the language is one approach, but I can't do that because I already have a lot of content translated into the language. I want to keep the content that I have translated into the language, but delete all the user interface strings that were imported through localization update.

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If you intend to remove ALL strings imported through interface translation, you could execute something like this:

// Replace the empty string with your target language code.
$langcode = '';
  ->condition('language', $langcode)
  ->condition('customized', 0)

You may also want to reset the source file history information, so - if you change your mind afterwards - you can re-import the very same translations:

  ->condition('language', $langcode)


locale_translation_file_history_delete([], [$langcode]);

As the locale module makes heavy use of static caches, you may run above commands in a dedicated process as, e.g. Drush PHP CLI (drush php:cli).

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if you want to get rid of all translations of a language, just delete the langauge in /admin/config/regional/language

  • Suggestion 2

    if there are some specific string you want to be not translated, Go to locales_source to identify those strings lids, then execute the following code (devel/php or custom hook_update_N or drush ev...)

$lids = [4, 5];
db_delete('locales_target')->condition('lid', $lids, 'IN')->execute();

hope this helps

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    Thanks! I don't want to delete the language because I have content translated into the language that I need to keep. I want to delete the interface translations for the language, but keep the content in the language. Mar 1, 2019 at 10:46

I found http://web.archive.org/web/20230609014802/http://vaerenbergh.com/blog/drupal-8-reimport-all-translation-files the only solution that worked:

DELETE FROM key_value WHERE collection='locale.translation_status';
UPDATE locale_file SET timestamp = 0;
UPDATE locale_file SET last_checked = 0;


drush ev "\Drupal::state()->set('locale.translation_last_checked', 0);"
drush cr
drush locale-check && drush locale-update && drush cr

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