I'm trying to create a jump link to the paragraph item. This is what I tried

  1. create a compact display of the page just printing out a title and short summary.
  2. using the advanced text formatter I created a link in this index

It takes me to the paragraph page. I figure that I can use a token in the advanced text formatter to create an anchor link from the compact display to the detailed display. Then I have to work out how to add the anchor to the detailed display.

  • How do I create a link with the delta as the anchor e.g. /abc/test.html#1?
  • How do i create the anchor on the detailed display?

Perhaps Paragraphs Table of Contents module is good enough for what you describe.

From the project page

If you have long pages on your site, then it helps visitors if you can provide in-page navigation, or a table of contents.

If you build your long pages with the Paragraphs module, then you can use Paragraphs Table of Contents to provide the in-page navigation. There is one link in the table of contents (ToC) for each paragraph on the page.

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