In my development environment, I create my first plugins that uses REST with a GET method. I use Rest UI to declare my plugins directly inside Drupal.

All is ok, the request sends me the json result as expected.

But, from here, my questions are :

  • Rest UI avoid to declare manually a config file. Great. But after using Rest UI I'm not able to find the config file, where is the configuration saved ?
  • In production, must I install Rest UI too, and re-configure my plugin ? Or is it possible to just copy/paste a configuration file ?

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For configuration to be found as a file (yml) you have to manually invoke/export it with any of the following methods

  1. from the Drupal admin interface visiting the url admin/config/development/configuration/single/export. For this to work the core Configuration Manager module must be enabled.

  2. drush with drush config-export and than finding the appropriate file manually

  3. drupal console drupal config:export:single

  4. contrib modules such as config_single_export or config_partial_export

All those methods above have also an import mechanism which you can use to import or see more details here

Also note you will not need the REST UI module to be enabled in production

  • Thx, it's ok for me !
    – gduh
    Mar 7, 2019 at 12:57

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