I have a Drupal 7 site that uses node_gallery to publish several image galleries. This has been working well for several years.

I'm looking at upgrading that site to run on Drupal 8 instead. node_gallery isn't supported on Drupal 8, and I understand that the media entity module in core is the recommended replacement.

However, I can't seem to find any solid information on how to upgrade or migrate from node_gallery on Drupal 7 to media on Drupal 8.

How do I perform such an upgrade, without having to recreate all the image nodes manually? (There are several hundreds of them.)

I'm willing to go with other migration paths that are compatible with Drupal 8 as well, but would prefer to use something that is in core.

  • In D8, media entities are fieldable and thus can fulfill all of the requirements for a gallery. For the migration, you'll likely have to write a migration class to map from your D7 node to the D8 media entity. (Might be worth looking into the Drupal migration UI modules to see what is supported). – lukedekker Mar 11 at 23:25

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