When translating a node into another language it does the following:

  • automatically populates all fields with content from the source node on the edit form
  • ensures the two nodes are linked as translations
  • defaults to the second language (if only two enabled)

When you press 'translate' on a taxonomy term it loads a blank form (as if you are creating a new term).

How do I duplicate the behaviour of the node 'translate' link for taxonomy term 'translate' - to create the same one-click functionality?

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I have found one compromise solution that needs Replicate & Replicate UI modules:

  1. Go to relevant taxonomy term and click 'replicate'
  2. Edit replicated taxonomy term as necessary and switch language
  3. Create a new 'translation set' to link the two taxonomy terms as translations of each other

This solution isn't suitable for my end-users because of the third step. The 'translate' feature for nodes automatically links the two pieces of content as translations.

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