Does composer remove drupal/module actually uninstall the module first, especially in multi-site environments?

On the other hand, does composer require "enable" the given module for all sites?

  • See Order of Drush commands for automated deployment, it has a paragraph about consecutive releases. This also means to run two releases if you want to remove a contrib module completely. First release to disable the module. Second release to have it removed by Composer. – leymannx Mar 12 at 20:11

No, Composer doesn’t install or uninstall modules in the site itself.

It’s a dependency manager; all it does is compute your requirements, then download them.

You might be able to add a post install/update command to automate it, but trying to make it generic would probably be a pain.

  • So it is possible to crush the site letting composer remove installed module ? – Paul Paku Mar 12 at 18:06
  • 2
    Yes, it would be like deleting a module folder without uninstalling it. – Kevin Mar 12 at 18:14

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