foreach ($courses as $user) {
              $options[$user['uid']] = array(
                'coursecode' => $user['coursecode'],
                'coursename' => $user['coursename'],
                'credithours' => $user['credithours'],
                'coursetype' => $user['coursetype'],
                'building' => $user['building'],
                'place' => $user['place'],
                'day' => $user['day'],
                'time' => $user['time'],

            $form['table'] = array(
              '#type' => 'tableselect',
              '#header' => $header,
              '#options' => $options,
              '#empty' => t('No Courses found'),
              '#js_select' => FALSE,
              '#attributes' => array('checked' => 'checked'),

this code generates all courses i can register is there any way to check specific values as default i did it but not with tableselect but its look was awful so I'm trying to make it look better but I had a problem with making a specific checkboxes checked

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