I have created a drupal 8 subtheme.

I have some blocks that have twig template overrides in the parent theme based on custom block machine names.

For example mywackynavbar.

In the subtheme, I can inherit my blocks and their placement but the machine name of the new block is: mysubtheme_mywackynavbar.

Drupal will not let me rename my block to the name that already exists and it doesn't appear in my available list of blocks in the subtheme.

How can I access it? (Or do I have to manually re-create EVERY template with my subtheme's prefix?)

I tried - as per the official documentation on subtheming, including the following in the theme file:

 * Implements hook_theme_suggestions_HOOK_alter for blocks.
 function shaved_theme_suggestions_block_alter(&$suggestions, $variables) {

  // Load theme suggestions for blocks from parent theme.
  foreach ($suggestions as &$suggestion) {
    $suggestion = str_replace('subtheme_', 'parent_', $suggestion);

But the blocks I want to use don't have a prefix in the parent theme. To be honest I just want the blocks copied over "as is" machine name and all.

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