Once I have updated the multisite (using composer), all the screenshots images just stopped showing.

If I try to access the image directly (using browser) the message is like that:

You don't have permission to access /themes/contrib/bootstrap/screenshot.png on this server.

But the sites seem to work ok. It's just an admin UI problem.

  • While updating your site (how exactly did you do this, with what command, and what got updated, and what's your project structure?) the .htaccess file probably got reset. Check this file and fix it, most likely it's the RewriteBase / line. – leymannx Mar 13 at 9:43
  • 1
    It's just an admin UI problem That's unlikely; the error message most likely comes from your web server, not Drupal – Clive Mar 13 at 9:47
  • Uncommented the RewriteBase /line but it changed nothing. It was commented out on the other hosting as well. Looked back at old hosting the same issue on the former/other platform. – Paul Paku Mar 13 at 18:32
  • Have also found that the icon of the themes admin menu (3rd from left in my case) vanished from UI as well... very strange. – Paul Paku Mar 13 at 18:43
  • Had found absolutely unbelievable solution.. Accessing the site using SSL/https solves the problem. What more the Devel module "Appearance" menu item icon is back as well. The issue is recoverable no SSL access has a fault while SSL is ok. – Paul Paku Mar 15 at 14:34

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