I created a "new activity feed" view page in which a user can see how many new comments have been posted to his own nodes since his last visit

Eg : since you last last visit :
- 21 new comments have been published on your node #title, in a total of 65 comments
- 3 new comments have been published on your node #title2, in a total of 8 comments

The nodes can also be flagged by other users.

Using flag module and views, it is possible to get the total amount of flags a node has received at any time.

I would like to be able to show the node author, how many "new" flags each of his nodes has received since his last visit.

Any help is welcome

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To answer your posted question (title), you'll need to extend functionality.

By default, the core comment module & flag module have no default mechanism to store comment/flag view history. You would need to do something like:

  • Build something like the Drupal core history module that tracks a user's comment/flag views
  • Build a simple aggregate comment/flag query based on a user's last login/access time
  • ...or maybe find a module that offers this functionality (not sure it exists and module recommendations are off topic here)

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