From Chosen module page:

This module comes with a Drush make file, which will automatically download the jQuery plugin if you use Drush make to set up your website.

I have Drush Make, but commands like..

 drush dl chosen
 drush en chosen

..don't help.
Should I use drush make ... command instead? Maybe there are other commands for quick libraries download.

P.S. I'm working on already installed copy of Drupal.


for the latest version of chosen I usually do the following

drush dl chosen

drush chosenplugin

drush en chosen -y

You not only need to download the drupal module (drush dl chosen) but also the chosen jQuery library (drush chosenplugin) in order for the module to work.

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    Thanks @Jen for your answer! Good to know. For projects with Drush Make files (usually modulename.make.example) but without custom Drush commands (like chosenplugin or colorbox-plugin) it is still possible to download external libraries and other dependencies with trick in my answer. – kalabro Apr 29 '14 at 18:26

I found a way:

# cd to Drupal root folder
drush dl chosen
drush make sites/all/modules/chosen/chosen.make.example --no-core
drush en chosen -y

Update 04/29/2014: Chosen now provides Drush command chosenplugin.

This answer is still useful for other projects with *.make.example files but without custom Drush installation commands.

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