When I deselect the Require email verification when a visitor creates an account option, users must enter a password during registration. I want users to be able to register without a password, and also not receive a new signup email. When users create an account, they should be able to immediately log in, which means I can't use the blocked state for the user. I added a new field for "true confirmation", after they click on the link in my own custom email.

An even better solution would be if I could use Drupal's login method, but the users should still be able to log in, even when they aren't confirmed. Is there anything that does this already?

  • This might be close to what you want to do drupal.org/project/passwordless. Either way I think your question is too broad and you should narrow it down to something that you have tried that perhaps it is missing something specific. – GiorgosK Mar 17 at 21:36
  • 1
    If you hide the password field for the registration form, what would users use to log in? The username is not sufficient, without a way to know it's the same person that created the account who is trying to log in. – kiamlaluno Mar 19 at 8:58
  • I send the confirmation email in another way. – coderama Mar 19 at 10:43

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