Users uploading a file within content create a name like my_site.com/sites/default/files/import/CrazyLongNamefile.pdf They would like to alias it for referencing in other media (print) like my_site.com/GoodName.pdf

URL alias works fine for other things, but not files (that I can determine)

The File (Field) module looks like it would probably do what I want, but it hasn't been touched for Drupal 8 in a while.

Is there a way (module, custom code) to provide an alternative path to a file that I can make available to content creators?

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    Do you absolutely have to have these aliases in the root? If not an easy solution be to rewrite everything from (e.g.) /assets/(.+) to /sites/default/files/$1 – Clive Mar 18 '19 at 16:42
  • This is what the client wants, yes. They want to be able to advertise in print an easy to get to URL – Doug Johnson-Cookloose May 2 '19 at 18:44

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