I would like to see how many revisions a node has in the node overview page (/admin/content). The ones that are listed in e.g. .../node/ID/revisions

It can't find anything like delta revisions or has revisions in views and i can't find any modules for Drupal 8. It would be perfect if i could solve it out-of-the-box with view relations or context-filters, but i wasn't lucky yet.

Alternatively it would also be helpful to show if a node has any revisions or not.

Background: I have this "Revert to previous version"-button (icon) that links to the /node/ID/revisions page. If there are none, it leads to a no-permissions-error. I would like to hide it for those nodes.

Thanks in advance.


(This is my second approach for this question; my first was maybe not clear enough. Sorry for that.)

enter image description here

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