Drupal 8! Webform module!

I have made a drupal webform and added it to my webpage with creating a block.

The block is restricted to the page by url.

Everything worked well with this method. With this setup I could create a content type for form-pages and create a page for the webform that my client could edit like he does with normal pages.

This setup worked fine for until the website needed multi-langual. Everything was translated and drupal 8 did a create job so far.

Translating a webform is also pretty easy and did find a lot info about that online. So translations are put in with that YAML function (sweet).

But my webform is not showing up on the translated page.

  1. I did translate the webform (YAML).
  2. I did put the URl of the translated page in the list 'restricted to certain pages'.

But nothing shows up on my translated page?

  1. I did clear cache and refreshed the page ;-)

What did I forgot? Has somebody a good manual on this?

Thanks for reading, Kristof

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