How do I find the lost administrator login credentials? I have deployed locally an old Drupal 7 website and I can't find the administrator login credentials since Windows had crashed 3 years ago.

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    You can’t get the password, it’s one-way hashed. Use Drush’s uli command or similar to get yourself access, upwd to reset the password, and so on – Clive Mar 21 at 7:53
  • thx, how to find the admin user name? – player777 Mar 21 at 8:29
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    you can find users info in users_field_data table . – berramou Mar 21 at 9:07
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    The users table in Drupal 7. – mradcliffe Mar 21 at 11:33
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    Drush ULI and it won't matter. You can also change passwords with it. – Kevin Mar 21 at 13:20

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