I've installed Captcha and reCaptcha in Drupal 8 because I want to use it on the site contact form. I believe I have all the configuration options set correctly but they are limited. For example, there is no place to tell it what form I want it to appear on.

All modules and core are up to date.

I am logging out to test the form. I know that by default administrators are not presented the reCaptcha.

I'm working with image based reCaptcha v2.

I've looked for a field widget to add to the form but there is nothing. Nor is there anything in the form display settings.

In the old days there was a form list to select from (see screenshots on this question: How do I go about telling Captcha that my form exists? ) but that no longer appears.

The instructions even reference the missing list:

there is no list!

While reCaptha has a stable release for 8, Captcha has only a beta from Feb 2017. So I'm wondering if anyone has this working in 8 at all.

Any suggestions? Further troubleshooting steps I can take?

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Go to CAPTCHA Points and enable reCaptcha for your form.

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