I am trying to embed a View into a custom form which has exposed filters. However when I add the field, it causes my custom submit button not to fire at all. It doesn't even try to reload the page.

This is my View element:

    $form['view'] = [
      '#title' => 'Select Assets',
        'view'   => [
          '#type'                    => 'view',
          '#name'                    => 'media',
          '#display_id'              => 'asset_selection',
          '#embed'                   => TRUE,

And my submit function:

    $form['asset_select_submit'] = [
      '#type'                    => 'submit',
      '#name'                    => 'form_submit_custom',
      '#value'                   => $this->t('Submit'),
      '#submit'                  => ['_mymodule_submitForm'],
      '#limit_validation_errors' => [],

I have tried adding the View both this way and using views_embed_view() with no success.

Is this possible, and if so, could someone point out where I am going wrong please?

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