As we know that entity type node has preview button option which can be used during adding or editing of a node, to preview content.

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Same feature is missing in case of Taxonomy entity.

If I want to add this feature where should I look into or is there any module available to achieve this?


Preview button added by node module in NodeForm as action in actions method:

$element['preview'] = [
      '#type' => 'submit',
      '#access' => $preview_mode != DRUPAL_DISABLED && ($node->access('create') || $node->access('update')),
      '#value' => t('Preview'),
      '#weight' => 20,
      '#submit' => ['::submitForm', '::preview'],

The Taxonomy entity form created by TermForm.php so i think you should:

  1. Extends TermForm.php in another Class.
  2. Add actions method.
  3. Create a preview method like the node preview method but for the term.
  4. Add a route subscriber to tell drupal to load your form not the default.

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