I have a fresh install, using pathauto 7.x-1.3 and for some reason it does not create an URL alias like configured "/admin/config/search/path/patterns" when creating nodes.

What happens: When creating a new node, I see under the tab "URL path settings" that "Generate automatic URL alias" is checked. When I save the node, the url is just "/node/90". However, when I edit this new node, I see that "Generate automatic URL alias" suddenly is unchecked.

When I bulk generate, the aliases are been created correctly. Both user 1 as authenticated users (which also have permission to create url aliases) have the same issue.

No errors under "/admin/reports/dblog", nothing in the browser console.

I disabled, uninstalled en re-installed every module I suspect to have an influence but still no solution.

Used admin theme is adminimal theme (if this is of any use).

Here is a list of my enabled modules:

Add To Head (add_to_head)
Administer Users by Role(administerusersbyrole)
Administration menu Adminimal Theme(adminimal_admin_menu)
Autocomplete Deluxe (autocomplete_deluxe)
Better Exposed Filters(better_exposed_filters)
Block (block)
Chain Menu Access API(chain_menu_access)
Chaos tools (ctools)
Conditional Fields (conditional_fields)
Contact (contact)
Contextual links (contextual)
Database logging (dblog)
Date (date)
Date API (date_api)
Date Popup (date_popup)
Date Views (date_views)
Elysia Cron (elysia_cron)
Entity API (entity)
Entity Reference (entityreference)
Entity tokens (entity_token)
Field (field)
Field Group (field_group)
Field placeholder (field_placeholder)
Field SQL storage (field_sql_storage)
Field UI (field_ui)
File (file)
Filter (filter)
Floating Block (floating_block)
Help (help)
Image (image)
jQuery Update (jquery_update)
Libraries (libraries)
Link (link)
List (list)
Menu (menu)
Metatag (metatag)
Metatag: Facebook (metatag_facebook)
Metatag: OpenGraph (metatag_opengraph)
Metatag: OpenGraph Products(metatag_opengraph_products)
Metatag: Views (metatag_views)
Module filter (module_filter)
Module Missing Message Fixer(module_missing_message_fixer)
Node (node)
Node view permissions(node_view_permissions)
Number (number)
One Click Upload (ocupload)
Options (options)
Path (path)
Path Breadcrumbs (path_breadcrumbs)
Path Breadcrumbs UI (path_breadcrumbs_ui)
Pathauto (pathauto)
RDF (rdf)
Scheduler (scheduler)
Schema.org Metatag (schema_metatag)
Schema.org: Organization(schema_organization)
Schema.org: Person (schema_person)
Schema.org: WebPage (schema_web_page)
Schema.org: WebSite (schema_web_site)
Shortcut (shortcut)
System (system)
Taxonomy (taxonomy)
Text (text)
Title (title)
Token (token)
Trigger (trigger)
Update manager (update)
User (user)
Views (views)
Views base url (views_base_url)
Views Bulk Operations(views_bulk_operations)
Views dependent filters(views_dependent_filters)
Views Distinct (views_distinct)
Views Load More (views_load_more)
Views UI (views_ui)

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