I am experiencing some odd behavior around the logout process in Drupal 8. When I am logged in as admin and then logout, using either the Drupal "Log out" link or by appending "/user/logout" to the url, I am redirected to my Microsoft log out page. If I click the browser back button, I go back to the page I was on, and the Drupal admin toolbar is still visible. If I click any of the links on the toolbar, I get a 403 so, I am definitely logged out. Somehow, the toolbar is remaining in the cache.

I've searched for mentions of this issue but haven't come up with anything. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

  • One other piece of info: If I log in, disable the browser cache, and then log out, I do NOT see the Drupal toolbar. – Christian Hankel Mar 29 at 15:07

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