Trying to get the field_name being deleted when viewing a route like entity.field_config.user_field_delete_form.

Example path: /admin/config/people/accounts/fields/user.user.field_name/delete

Some Hooks I've tried:

  1. hook_preprocess_html()
  2. hook_preprocess_page()
  3. hook_preprocess_page_title()
  4. hook_preprocess_form_field_config_delete_form_alter()

But the best I have found is an argument [%label] => Field Label.

I have an array of field_names and want to check if the field_name being deleted matches one of the values.

The goal is to add a custom \Drupal::messenger()->addWanrning($warning);.

This would be altering an existing delete form/page.

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Try with hook_form_alter something like

 * Implements hook_form_alter().
function MyModule_form_alter(&$form, \Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {
  if ($form_id == "field_config_delete_form"){
    $field = $form_state->getFormObject()->getEntity();
    \Drupal::messenger()->addWarning("You are going to delete field : " . $field->getName());

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