Drupal has its own custom error handler, so when I try to get the message from the last warning (e.g. for an invalid regex), there is nothing there:

if (@preg_match($regex, NULL) === FALSE) {

The @ prevents it from being displayed on the screen, and without that I can see a warning for a $regex of '/(/' (about an unmatched paren), but the warning is not shown by dpm(), but rather by Drupal.

Is there a way I can get the warning from an invalid regex in this example, so that I could have the message in a variable?


Use the same PHP's error functions as Drupal to toggle PHP's error handling behavior.

In particular, you can use set_error_handler() / restore_error_handler() to toggle the PHP error code handling while you're debugging:

// Remove _drupal_error_handler() handling

if (@preg_match($regex, NULL) === FALSE) {
// Restore _drupal_error_handler() handling

See the PHP doc links for more information on how these error handling functions work.

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    This does technically answer my question, but it ended up not working, because I found out that the preg_match warning is thrown by the Drupal error handler. So restoring the error handler removed the warning completely. – mbomb007 Apr 2 at 14:02
  • I ended up using this answer – mbomb007 Apr 2 at 15:05

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