We have a search page that uses facets and recently our website has been going up and down. When looking at the logs I noticed that bots (Bing, Ahrefs, etc..) are hitting these facetted pages a lot. Since the facetted pages are not cached I think it is causing this issue.

I did add Search-specific caching but that did not help.

I have seen these related issues with caching and facets:

Has anyone else ran into an issue like this? For now I blocked all bots from accessing the facetted urls (so they will still be able to see the main search page).


For example, my facet page path starts with /library. I created a Firewall rule in Cloudflare to block anyone visiting a page that contains /library/ so a facet result page like /library/xxx/bbb/ccc and is a known bot will be blocked.

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