$account->getDisplayName() Bypasses "username" Field Preprocessing in User Template?

I am trying to print the value of the username field of the user account in a user--custom.html.twig file.


function hook_preprocess_user(&$variables) {
  $account = $variables['elements']['#user'];
  $variables['userName'] = $account->getDisplayName();


{{ user.name.0.value }}

Both the above examples access the username, but seem to access the value directly and circumvent any preprocessing of the username field (e.g. hook_preprocess_username()), so it looks like I need a different approach.

I have a view that shows the "User" entity so does not use fields and relies on the user template. What am I missing when trying to get the processed value of the username field, instead of the user name DB value for the account?

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In my template, I am rendering content.user_picture and trying to render username. So maybe I need to load the user instead of both fields? Looking for the processed username field value.

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You're probably looking for the username theme:

$variables['userName'] = [
  '#theme' => 'username',
  '#account' => $account,

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