I am attempting an upgrade and I am looking for something that mirrors the functionality of the Date Restrictions module

Basically, I used it to set relative limits,, something like no earlier than two days ago and no later than a week from now. I also had something that restricted selection to exclude weekends, probably a js function somewhere.

I searched and couldn't find a module with the same functionality, so I thought I'd just attach a js to either a theme or custom module and be done with it. Well, after a while I found out that the widget differs to the browser and lets it decide wether to use HTML5 or a jQuery date picker.

So, if there isn't a module for that kind of functionality yet, is there a way to do it that can cover both ways the widget is handled?

  • It sounds like this might a good widget feature for the Datetime Extras project and maybe an opportunity to port the relevant Date Restriction widget bits over to it. – Shawn Conn Apr 6 at 20:19

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