I have installed the module jsonlog on drupal 7, but there are no information on how can I push the logs to elasticsearch or kibana or logstash. How do I do that?

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As JSONlog project page states:

Logs watchdog events JSON-formatted to log files. Provides a Logstash/ElasticSearch-ready log source.

The module only does one thing: turn Drupal watchdog events into JSON-loggable files and writes them to whatever server dir you've configured for it.

Before using this module you will need to:

  • Setup ElasticSearch & Kibana. This is a separate task from setting up LogStash. It will depend on your service provider (this is off-topic for Drupal Answers).
  • Setup LogStash. This will vary based on whatever app server you're running Drupal on. You'll have to find instructions applicable to the app server running Drupal.

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