i've a content type called job, i want to show a local task as a tab on user page to simply let him adding a content from there. I've created the MYMODULE.links.task.yml file in my module with this content

  route_name: 'node.add'
    node_type: 'job'
  title: 'Add Job'
  base_route: entity.user.canonical

But it seems to throw an exception:

RuntimeException: Callable "Drupal\contact\Access\ContactPageAccess::access" requires a value for the "$user" argument. in Drupal\Component\Utility\ArgumentsResolver->handleUnresolvedArgument() (line 142 of /var/www/html/web/core/lib/Drupal/Component/Utility/ArgumentsResolver.php).

This is the WOSD i get: https://gyazo.com/ce67d2a124a4828e0016596d30a978a2

At the moment I've created my own route and the local task point to my custom route that make a redirect to /node/add/job, but I don't understand why my original task doesn't work. Any idea? Thanks!

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