I have a Part-Time Course content type that holds information about whatever course that needs to be added to the site.

I then have a Part-Time Course Offerings content type that has two fields. Course Reference, which is an Entity Reference and links it to the Part-Time Course content type mentioned above and Course Offerings, which is an Entity Reference Revisions field type that gets fields from my Part-Time Offering paragraph type. That paragraph type holds various fields including Status and Season.

I have a block view that places the part-time course offerings on each part-time course content type page below the content based on contextual filters of Course Reference based on Content ID from URL.

What I'm now trying to do is create a Course Listing page that lists all the Part-Time Courses that I have but I want to filter it to only show courses that currently have Offerings available. So, if a course doesn't have an Offering available, I don't want it to show up on this listing page. I also want to be able to filter by status and season.

I have a feeling this has to do with Relationships but no matter what combination I've tried, I can't seem to get it to work.

Any suggestions?

The structure is basically like below:

Course - Part-Time (Content-Type)

    --> Course - Part-Time Offering (Content-Type)
        - field_course_reference
        - field_course_offerings

          --> Part-Time Offering (Paragraph)
              - various fields including Status & Season

EDIT: See below answer for an update.

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Ok, so Content using field_course_reference (Relate each Content with a field_course_reference set to the content.) was used and required and then Content using field_course_offerings (Relate each Content with a field_course_offerings set to the paragraph.) was used and required using the first relationship.

This ended up allowing me to filter out and only display courses that had an available offering using Content: Course Reference (field_course_reference) with an operator set to Is NOT empty. I was also able to get the other two filters required to work.

However, I still have an issue where instead of just showing the course once, it displays it as many times as course offerings it has. So say that I have 5 different times the course is offered (The Part-Time Offering [Paragraph] allows for unlimited offering choices), it ends up listing the same course 5 times on my page.

Is there any way for the view to only display each course once, disregarding how many offerings are available for each course?

EDIT: Found the answer to the above. Once I turned on aggregation in the advanced settings, it only displayed each Course once.

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