I have a view of nodes. I'd like to be able to select rows (thinking VBO is the best) and pass those selected nodes to a form (specifically /node/add/payments) to pre-populate entity references.

Any thoughts on how to do this? I've been playing around with several options and can't figure it out.


At a high level, you could do something like this with a custom module:

  • Create a custom VBO action (see docs) to take action on your selected nodes.
  • Have your custom VBO action redirect to /node/add/payments with some query parameter that encodes your selected nodes (e.g. /node/add/payments?my_nids=1,2,3).
  • Add hook_form_alter() invocation in your module to read this query parameter (e.g. $nids = explode(',', \Drupal::request()->request->get('my_nids')) and pre-populate the entity ref field with your values.

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