I have a "Company" content type that has about 30 fields that I'd like to migrate over to MongoDB (field_sql_storage to mongodb_field_storage).

Would anyone know of a great way to do this?

I have about 150,000 nodes and it's starting to get slow in MySQL.


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Sure - you want to use the Migrate module to map your fields from a datasource (ex. CSV file) into your new MongoDB. Moshe has a post on this, more related to performance of his method for Amazon RDS but there is an example module that extends the Migrate API to pull the data from a CSV file into his MongoDB database. The relevant include file is here (maybe a little to long to include on stackoverflow?).

To get your data out of the content-type into a csv dump, I would recommend using Views Data Export.

  • Thanks - that makes sense. I guess I was hoping for something easier, but I can see why the full migration is necessary.
    – DFx
    Commented Apr 11, 2012 at 19:27

Drupal's mongodb module has built in support for migrating fields. Here is a detailed post by chx on how to migrate fields on a live site with drush to mongodb https://drupal.org/node/1653202

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