Are there best practices for large (multi-)site installations of drupal on docker and k8s that could help us to decide where to place the Drupal core? We have a code-base that will be used up to 100 times.

Placing the core outside of images and mounting it as a volume has some advantages, such as

  • Updating a website (core) without changing the running containers.
  • Updating Apache, Nginx, FPM containers without updating the code base.
  • Smaller containers. (or are the mounted volumes cached in the containers using more space?)
  • Shorter automated builds, as only the core needs to be deployed most of the time.

Alternatively, you can copy and install the Drupal core into the Apache/Nginx and PHP image.

Are there any disadvantages of the first variant? Performance problems? The file system in our case will be storageos (https://storageos.com/) and the memory will be PCI Express SSDs.

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