I have an event registration webform with a checkbox set up as "we've received payment", which is unfilled and hidden to the registrant when the webform is first filled out and submitted. I want to set up a handler/email that says "we've received your payment, thanks" and gets sent to the registrant when a registrar edits the submission and checks the box. So I've set up a Condition in the email to do just that - it's enabled when "payment_made" checkbox is checked. And it works. Almost.

There's a problem with either my logic or Webform's. Setting the email condition this way also causes the handler/email to be triggered when any further update is made to the webform after that "payment_made" checkbox is checked, e.g. to correct a typo or something. That's because the Condition is simply asking, "is payment_made checked at the time that this webform is updated?" and if yes, it sends out the email.

What I want to happen is that I only want to have the email sent out when the state of "payment_made" moves from unchecked to checked. If it's already been checked, and any other further update is made to the submission, then I don't want that email to go out again.

I haven't been able to find a way to create that logic path. I very well may be missing something or going about it the wrong way. If so, I appreciate any better solutions anyone can suggest to accomplish this. Thanks in advance.

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