i want to create a view table in my custom module .install file and i want join with another table like i did in my db_query function but i want this thing in hook_schema function.

 db_query('CREATE VIEW Sample_Label_Data_By_CategoryId AS
                `sample_label_library`.`SampleNumber` AS `SampleNumber`,
                `sample_label_category`.`CategoryName` AS `CategoryName`,
                `sample_label_and_category`.`CategoryID` AS `CategoryID`,
                `sample_label_library`.`MaterialName` AS `MaterialName`,
                `sample_label_library`.`EPANumber` AS `EPANumber`,
                `sample_label_library`.`SampleFilename` AS `SampleFilename`,
                `sample_label_library`.`LabelFilename` AS `LabelFilename`
                from ((`sample_label_and_category` join `sample_label_library`
                    on((`sample_label_and_category`.`SampleNumber` = `sample_label_library`.`SampleNumber`)))
                    join `sample_label_category` on((`sample_label_and_category`.`CategoryID` = `sample_label_category`.`CategoryID`)))')

hook_schema() is only used to return a structured array representing your module's database tables. You can't execute a query from it. Well, you physically can, but you shouldn't.

Since hook_schema() is used on install, your code to create the View should be in hook_install(), and the code to remove it should be in hook_uninstall()

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