Am don't have much knowledge on drupal. Just starting my first drupal site. I created a "content" under a menu named "information". The menu "information" is given permission for both "anonymous user" and for "authenticated user" as well. As i click the menu "information" (as in anonymous user), the content i set was "please login as authenticated user, if you unable to login, please contact the administrator".

Then, i login as the "Authenticated user" and i click the menu "information", am getting the same content message as *"please login as authenticated user, if you unable to login, please contact the administrator."*Please, i don't need this content message, under "information" menu if i login as the "authenticated user".

I needs to "DISPLAY DIFFERENT PAGE CONTENT TO ANONYMOUS AND TO AUTHENTICATED USER"? I don't know how to proceed this ? Can anybody please help me out the step by step procedure to do this task ? Please help me out . Thanks in advance...

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The "content" and "information" part of your question doesn't make sense to me. I'm posting a general guide to displaying different content on a per role basis, and you can update your question/comment if you need any part clarified.

I would use Panels. You can use it on either a custom page such as "example.com/information" or on a per conent basis to display different content or parts of the content, on a per role basis. Example below if for "content"/"nodes".

  1. Install the Chaos tool suite (ctools) module, and Panels.
  2. Enable the Page Manager and Panels modules.
  3. Enable the node template.
  4. Create a variant of type "Panel", call it "Authenticated user view".
  5. Pick a suitable layout.
  6. Go to the "Selection rules" settings and add a "User:role" setting to limit viewing to a certain role, such as authenticated user.
  7. Go to the content tab, and add your "Node: Content" to a suitable region so that your content shows up.
  8. Repeat steps 4-6 but call the variant "Anonymous user view". Make sure it's below the first variant in the list.
  9. Add whatever you want your anonymous users to see to the second variant.
  10. Save

That should be all. Using Panels requires a bit of understanding of the tools it provides, and I probably introduced a great deal of new Drupal terms to you in this answer. I recommend you start by viewing these videos here.


This video tutorial will show you how to display different content to different users



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