I try to use a API for a logout process, in the documentation of the api give a endpoint for it "https://example.com/logout", this is a GET request, i need to send a token, state , and url_post_logout (for redirect). I was login with a user account(and take the token and the others parameters), when i use the endpoint for logout on POSTMAN sending the query params 'token', 'state' , and 'url_post_logout'. show status 200 and do a redirect to my homepage or to the url_post_logout with the session closed (works!).

But in my code i try to do the same and show error '403 Forbidden' but close the session (almost works).

    $endpoint = "https://example.com/logout";
    $client = \Drupal::httpClient();
    $response_logout = $client->get($endpoint, [
          'query' => [
            'url_post_logout' => $base_url,
            'token' => $_SESSION['token'],
            'state' => 'state123',],
    }catch(\Exception e){
          $error_binds = array(
            '%error' => print_r($e->getMessage(), TRUE)
          $error = t((string) $error_binds);
          throw new \Exception($error, $e->getCode(), $e);

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

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