I am using Drupal 7 and drush 7.4.0. How do I handle array variables with drush?

For example, I have a variable, social_sharing, for which

drush vget social_sharing 


facebook: facebook
google_plus: google_plus
linkedin: linkedin
twitter: twitter
pininterest: pininterest

Using a drush command,

  1. How can I get the value of only facebook using drush vget?
  2. How can I delete one specific variable? for example if I want to remove google_plus from the list using drush vdel?

Step 1. Get the value of only facebook

drush ev '$v=variable_get("social_sharing"); print $v["facebook"]; print PHP_EOL';

Step 2. Remove google_plus from the list

drush ev '$v=variable_get("social_sharing"); unset($v["google_plus"]); variable_set("social_sharing", $v);'

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