I'm migrating nodes and have run into a problem with the text formats when mapping our old site's input formats to the new site's input formats. (We're simplifying!)

Relevant yaml:

    plugin: sub_process
    source: body
      value: value
        plugin: static_map
        bypass: true
        source: body_format
          'plain_text': basic_html
          'basic_tags': basic_html
          'minimal_formatting': basic_html
          'filtered_html': basic_html
          'extended_tags': full_html
          'full_html': full_html

When I run this, all the content and formats are imported correctly, but the nodes all display the markup on the page until each node is edited and saved.

What could be causing this and how might I go about fixing it?

source: body_format

should have been

source: format

Turning off "bypass: true" let me see that it was just dumping them in with NO input set, opening and saving changed it to the default for that field.

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