I created a view with the machine name cgv_product.

This view contains the fields "Product Name" and "Custom Text".

In the "Custom Text" field, the {{ name }} Twig code is available to display the product number.

I created a template with the name views-view-fields--cgv_produit.html.twig it works but if I put the Twig code {{ name }} in it it's not rendered.

How to display the product name in my template via Twig?


I tested the following codes in Twig and it does not work :

    <div class="flex-grow-1 bd-highlight"><i class="fas fa-signature fa-lg"></i>
      {{ fields.name.content }}
      {{ fields.field_name.content }}
      {{ row.content.name }}
      {{ name }}

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In the "Custom Text" field, {{ name }} is only available to render the "Product Name" field inside the "Custom Text" field (in the view UI), not in a twig template.

You should try to access your fields in the twig template like this {{ row.content.name }} (check the available fields using devel/kint).

  • I updated the question. I do not know how to use devel/kint – marsouin Apr 17 at 18:58
  • @marsouin – Download Devel, enabel Devel's sub-module Kint and then {{ kint() }}. – leymannx Apr 17 at 19:49

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