I'm attempting to setup Drupal 7 to sell memberships. The basics are all setup, and selling roles seems to be working fine. However, I'm getting stuck on additional memberships for the user's family.

I have full membership, and junior membership. I'd like the head of household to be able to purchase their membership, add one for their spouse, and a junior membership for anyone under 18. All with unique member IDs. I cannot require separate accounts for each person as a family of 5 would need to create 5 accounts and process 5 transactions for membership.

Ideally, I want something like the following:

  • Full Member - John Smith - $10
  • Full Member - Jane Smith - $10
  • Junior Member - Joe Smith - $5
  • Junior Member - Sarah Smith - $5

Total $30

Each gets a member ID, and is listed in the view/report as a member-member type.

Membership Entity gets me closer, but still a far way away.

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