We have the D7 Redis module installed, which is being used as the cache mechanism for D7 caching. That module uses PhpRedis as the underlying library.

I would like to use that same Redis instance to cache a large amount of non-Drupal data that is retrieved from an external API, then will be rendered on a specific Drupal page. I'm wondering how I can get ahold of the Redis object instance that Drupal is already using, so I can use PhpRedis functions like $redis->set(key,value)?


Once configured/initialized, the module has a wrapper class/interface Redis_Client that contains the library object. It can be retrieved with the getClient() method:

$redis = Redis_Client::getClient()

  • Thanks, that works. I was attempting to use new Redis() but that doesn't connect to the existing Redis data store. – North Krimsly Apr 18 '19 at 20:41

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