On drupal 7, I use Entity registration and created a registration type with a timestamp field which retrieve the actual timestamp (field-timestamp). After registrering, the user has 30 minute to proceed to check out via commerce application.

I try to create a rule which can change the status from "complete" to "cancelled". I use drupal rules.

  • the Event is : "After saving a new registration"
  • the condition is that the rule should be triggered after 30 minutes... For this I created 2 conditions : 1. I check if Entity has field and select the timestamp field. 2. I use data comparison to check if site:current-date is greater than registration:field-timestamp on which i add an offset of 30 minutes (2 minutes for trying it)
  • the action : I try to the Fetch entity by property on Registration entity and select State entity as property and registration:state as data selector for the value. Finally i put in the FETCHED ENTITY "Canceled" as variable label.

Unfortunatelly it doesn't seem to work. thanks

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