I created a content type with 4 fields on it:

  1. Private Image Field
  2. Public Image Field
  3. Private File Field
  4. Public File Field

I am able to access 1 and 2, as they are image fields. But if I upload an image to the normal file field, then I get access denied when I try to access it.

I tried imlementing hook_file_download but it's not even triggering it for a normal file field.

What could I be missing?


I checked the file_managed table and the uri field has this:


When I changed it to this:


It worked!

Any idea why my Drupal would be saving the file like this?


The problem might be related to the filefield paths module. I even updated it to the latest dev version, but no luck. The only workaround I could find was to leave out the "file path" value. So that it wont add the file to the folder "p". I can at least carry on now, but it would've been great if it could work with folders as it is intended to.

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