I am new to Drupal 8 want to add a field value to IEF reference title. for now, I am using Auto Entity Label version 2.x-dev to automatically generate a title for my Entities but when it comes to IEF references I want to get the name of the parent as the title of IEF. as an example see below image

I Added Stack overflow as Name to Entity-X

Then I want to add a new IEF entity which is using Auto Entity label to generate title automatically

After creating IEF entity

As you can see it only says 15% complete but I want it to be Stack Overflow 15% Complete

here are tokens that I selected to Auto Entity label to show name in IEF reference.

[entity-x:field_name] - [task:field_percent_complete] % Completed 

This token pattern placed inside Task entity

Note: I Entity-x and Task are two different Entity in system

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